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Young Designer

Course Planning Workshop

In the Course Planning Workshop, we will meet together to review your pre-workshop questionnaire. We will then work from the "Product Planning Blueprint" to determine your "Big Idea, "who your student is, the content of the course and how it will be delivered. After completion, I will deliver you an Executive Summary of our planning time together, complete with a full outline. You will then decide if you will build the course yourself or if you would like to hire our services for the complete course build-out. Book a Discovery Call to find out more about the Course Planning Workshop.

Full Course Build-Out

Once we complete the  Course Planning Workshop, and I have delivered you the Executive  Summary, you will decide if you will build out the course yourself or hire our services to build it for you.  We will put together the content, resources, videos and  launch it in the chosen platform for delivery.

Paying Customer

Course Optimization Audit

If your present course is not delivering results, we can help you. First, you will have the option of working through a free "Fix Your Broken Course" Challenge. If you would like more support, you will receive a full course audit to help you discover where the weaknesses are,and how they can be fixed.

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