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I am excited to work with you to create and build your online course. Together we will create content that inspires, educates and adds value to you and your customers.

Services include a strategic, in-depth 1:1 course planning workshop, full course build out with graphics that support the content, and audit for “already-existing,” unsuccessful courses.

I have been in the Education Industry for over 20 years. Through this experience I have developed skills in course planning, teaching, training, leadership and communication. My teaching experience has also resulted in a large repertoire of technology expertise including website building, multimedia presentations, data entry and analysis, and a number of projects which include graphic designs.

My passion for writing can be traced back to 2009, where I spent significant time working on developing an online course as a part of my Masters Degree in Information Learning Technologies. As a writer, I specialize in course content, script-writing, memoirs, blog-writing and creating and publishing journals for a variety of purposes.

Public Speaking has been woven into many aspects of my life from teaching and delivering lessons to professional presentations to retreats and events focusing on personal transformation.


I'd love to chat with you! We can talk about your hope's and dreams for your online course and how you envision it being delivered. Book a Discovery Call below.

Meet Cindy

Online Course Business Consultant


My Story

Why I Became an Online Course Creator

I needed more from my Therapist. 

I landed in the office of a beautiful intuitive healer at a time when I was heartbroken, grieving the loss of a close family member. I landed in the office of a very gifted healer.

I cannot imagine getting more support, feeling safe, learning new practices and tools to help me navigate this time. 

I looked forward to every session and left moving a little closer toward healing and wholeness. But one day, a shadow of anxiety engulfed me. It was too much to hold alone and so I attempted to see my therapist, but she was all booked up.

I navigated to her website to see if she offered any workshops, courses, or videos but there was nothing there.

That day I saw a need, a gap in the coaching and therapy world. Offering a greater wealth of resources to clients and giving more freedom to coaches

THIS…is what propelled me to become a Course Business Consultant. 

Although I had been a Course Creator and Teacher for over 20 years, I happened upon a gaping hole in my own hour of sorrow.

I am eager to help coaches create a broader reach, meet your clients’ needs and generate more flexibility and income for yourselves. 

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