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Course Planning Magic

A Workshop to Unleash Your Secret Spells

Presented by Cindy Weaver,
Course Magic Designs

Does the thought of creating an online course for your business hurt your brain? Are you overwhelmed by the planning process and are wondering if you have “everything covered?”


You probably have a rough idea, or even an outline of what you want your course to be about.


You’ve rearranged it a million times, scratched out some activities and written down a few journal prompts.


But you’re spinning in circles trying to figure out what goes where, and in what order.


If you're not a teacher or a writer,  you’ve probably never planned out content in an understandable way.


You’re ready to give up, thinking you’re out of your league, an imposter of sorts.


Never fear, I’m here to take you on an expedition where the path will be easy to follow. You won’t get lost and I won’t lead you through a maze or lead you down a dark passage where everything is hidden and confusing.


I'll be right over, and I love making Magic!


Join me in my 1:1 Course Planning Magic workshop


In this workshop we will cover

And More!


The Stage Is Set

In the deep enchanting forest, there is magic to be made. The mortals are waiting for the potion that you will create to transform their lives. The spells you will cast will change them forever. 


You see, I’ve watched them walking around, looking for you, waiting for you to share your secret wisdom that only you possess. How long will you wait? 


Oh, you feel lost and overwhelmed? You doubt your own Magic? Follow me. That’s right, just you and me, conjuring and evoking all the wisdom to complete your chronicles and capture all the bewitching features of your fantastical online course.


The Journey Begins

I work with clients 1:1. You will have all my attention and guidance for a 3 month course planning workshop. In this workshop, I will guide you through all the steps of organizing, planning and creating activities that produce the desired change for your student. 


You will see progress quicker than you ever would on your own by using my complete course program blueprint that includes all aspects of planning, curriculum and course launch and platform considerations.


When we have finished making our magic, you will have a complete printable blueprint with Module Titles, Steps of Learning within each Module, and multiple considerations and activities within each step of learning. 


We will decide on course deliverables such as journal prompts, templates, charts, tracking sheets, infographics, social media promotions and more.


Open the Door

Let's Begin our Work

We will cover:

  • All aspects of your student

  • Big idea-this is the goal that will guide the course planning

  • Target outcome-where do you want your student to arrive?

  • Modules- we will decide on the number and titles of your modules

  • Steps- under each module, we will create a series of steps

  • 5-star-points-for each step we will clarify the content and decide on activities and resources

  • Platform decision- given the type of course you are creating, I will give you recommendations and comparisons of course platforms

  • Deliverables- we will decide if you will need any printable materials for your students

  • Build-out- we will discuss what type of build-out you will need-slideshow, videos, images, info-graphics or other technology



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 The Workshop

  • 3-Month Course Planning Workshop

  • Guidance on "Course Idea" Clarity

  • Development of Target Outcome and Transformation

  • Printable blueprint with your course modules, steps and activities

  • Assistance with video creation

  • Help with decisions on deliverables and course platform

  • Development of course launch initial marketing copy 

  • Executive report with details of the Course Planning Workshop

  • Proposal for Course Buildout


What Magic Will Happen?

  • You go from a jumbled brain to a clear one

  • Your understanding of your student and your content magically increases and grows

  • You emerge from a dark, foggy environment, to breathtaking clarity on the entire course process

  • Your confidence expands

  • You are awed just thinking about the potential reach you could have in the world

  • Your time opens up to more flexibility in work and play

  • You begin earning passive income

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