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Wisdom to Guide Your Business

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

I was buzzing around my office trying to knock off the items on my "to do" list, when something caught my eye. I guess you could say it was actually "someone." I turned to look and locked my gaze onto a bronze figurine of Athena. Athena, goddess of Wisdom, War and Craft. She often guides me and propels me back onto my true path.

All of her qualities could be addressed in depth here, but the one that came to the forefront is, "wisdom." My husband and I have a retreat business called, "Sacred Mountain Journeys" and the focus at several of these retreats has been guiding participants to access their own wisdom.

Today I felt it strongly, "get back on track." It had been a busy week of writing, marketing, meeting with a client and following up with another. I got to the weekend thinking about content creation and working on my own online course.

Lightening bolt! I knew it. I was off my path. There was competition and comparison, chasing the next business opportunity, dodging sales pitches. Spending time on the things that sucked energy out of me, instead of giving me life. I grabbed my journal and made two columns. On one side, I reflected on my week and recorded the things that were aligned with my purpose, and on the other side, the places where I was chasing someone else's carrot.

Then I closed my eyes for a momentary meditation and breathed into my wisdom. I tuned in to my own intellect and my intuition. I heard, 1) slow down to speed up, 2) oh yeah, my goal is geographic freedom, not "get rich quick" 3) writing is your passion-do that, 4) only receive the clients with course material that lights you up, 5) stop chasing, start receiving.

Balance is back, energy is flowing, my own wisdom has returned to guide my business.


If you are running hairy, scary but not getting where you want to go, it may be time to stop and take inventory on what your own wisdom is trying to tell you. Take some time with the following journal prompts and see what opens up.

  1. Why are you pursuing the business you're in?

  2. What are the things you love about your business?

  3. How do you want to feel when you go through your business day?

  4. What kind of content is authentic to who you are and the way you want to serve?

Once you have discovered, or re-discovered, the answers, revisit them weekly to see if you are on your own path, or if you have jumped on to someone else's. Let YOUR wisdom guide your business.

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