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Video Tips for an Online Course

Video is an excellent way to connect with your students and give support to both visual and audiory learners.

Here are some tips for taking video for online courses:

  1. Use good lighting: Good lighting is essential for creating high-quality video content. Natural light is best, so try to position yourself facing a window if possible. If you're filming indoors, use a combination of overhead lighting and lamps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  2. Invest in a good microphone: Clear audio is just as important as good lighting. Invest in a quality external microphone to ensure that your voice is crisp and clear. Consider using a lapel mic for hands-free recording or a directional mic to reduce background noise.

  3. Plan your content: Plan out your content ahead of time and create a detailed script or outline. This will help you stay on track and ensure that you cover all the necessary information.

  4. Keep it concise: Online learners have short attention spans, so keep your videos concise and to the point. Aim for videos that are 5-10 minutes in length, and break up longer content into shorter segments.

  5. Use visual aids: Use visual aids such as slides, graphics, and animations to help illustrate your points and keep learners engaged. Be sure to use them sparingly and only when they add value to the content.

  6. Choose the right background: Choose a background that is simple and uncluttered, but also visually interesting. Avoid using busy backgrounds or anything that might be distracting.

  7. Dress appropriately: Dress in a way that is professional and consistent with your brand. Avoid wearing busy patterns or anything that might be distracting to learners.

  8. Be yourself: Online learners value authenticity, so be yourself and let your personality shine through in your videos. This will help you build a connection with your learners and keep them engaged.

By following these tips, you can create high-quality video content that is engaging, informative, and effective for online learners.

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