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The Missing Piece to Your Business

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Why do online courses need to offer transformation?

This is my summer office, on my deck looking out over the horse pasture. It is here that I create courses, plan lessons, work on podcast scripts and write in one of my many journals. It is here that I am reminded of the importance of transformation, of making change, in all facets of our personal and professional lives.

I remember my first online course, “The Creative Doer.” Although I thought it was a little pricey, it offered an avenue for creatives to get their work out into the world. It educated me in the financial and business world, but at the same time, went straight to my greatest challenge--wanting to get my art and writing to be more visible, or at least find a way that I could spend more time with my artistic self and still eat. Reflecting on my goals and what I was feeling in my present situation was something I wanted to skip over.

Just give me A, B and C so I can arrive at D. But examining the reasons why I wanted to shift was monumental in making change. Prior to taking the class, I really didn’t understand my motivation. Without reflecting on my inner landscape, I would have chased the wrong dream and it would have taken me miles longer to get where I wanted to go.

Years later, I realize it’s not so different from any business venture. We all want to get somewhere and believe if we follow a method, a structure or prescription, we’ll get there faster. Oh, you’ll get there. But how rich will your experience have been? Where is it leading you next? Do you know why you have chosen the path you're on, and how it will make your life better, how it will contribute to loving the skin you’re in. That is the transformation piece.

In the end, every business should be giving its customers a better life, not just more information or education. How will you offer a better way with your products and services?

Online courses can provide the missing piece to your offerings.

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