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Returning to Sanity : a new business paradigm

When I entered the education industry in my younger years, I didn't really question the 9-5 paradigm, I just wanted a job! Even though that 9-5 time frame turned into 7am-7pm, I was just doing what I had to do. Years later, I began questioning the sanity that had been presented as "normal." Then came COVID, the light went on and I saw a different way.

I set up my home office and, two months into isolation and working from home, I realized this was very much aligned to who I am and how I want to work. My hours were flexible, I could work from any geographic location and my long commute was gone. I worked from my local coffee shop and attended zoom meetings beside the river. I got more rest and felt, overall, healthier.

Soon, I found myself traveling to the islands, sitting on the porch of my cottage overlooking the water, watching the ferries dock. I was on vacation, but I was also working and it was blissful. The picture below was my work space. I was building an online course for artists, helping them find a way to bring their work online so that they could have the same opportunities as their competitors.

Course creating isn't just my job, it is a way of life that has offered personal transformation and growth as an entrepreneur. I have found a new paradigm that is aligned with every part of myself. It taps into my creativity, my love for writing and teaching and helping others find their own, new way of working and delivering products and services.

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