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Online Course Magic

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

I’m here for you. I love making magic!

You've been thinking about it, haven't you? Offering your clients an online course full of your fabulous content and healing resources. You've been longing to grow your business and create a broader reach. Not to mention that your exhausted trying to keep up with your schedule.

I help coaches create online courses that educate and transform students, grow visibility and attract new clients. Online Courses offer both you and your

clients flexibility in learning as well as a greater wealth of tools than you can give them in your limited sessions. You can spend a little more time on your own self-care, knowing your clients have resources to guide them through their challenges.

This all happens in my four hour in-depth 1:1 “Course Planning Workshop.”

My goal in offering a Course Planning Workshop is threefold:

  1. To help reduce overwhelm in the planning process and to give you the confidence that you have “everything covered”.

  2. To help you create a course curriculum that will result in a program that generates real results for your students and lifelong customers for your business.

  3. To help you get started and to see progress quicker than you could ever do on your own by providing you with a complete course program blueprint that includes all aspects of planning, curriculum and course launch considerations.

We take a deep dive into your students, who they are and what they need to make a significant transformation. All of their motivations, inspiration, pain and false beliefs will provide more clarity on who the course is being built for.

What is your "Big Idea?"

The goal of The Big Idea is to succinctly wrap up the intent of the program for both the

course creator and for the student.

For the course creator, it’s to help them stay focused and motivated throughout the

online course as they are creating it . It serves as a clarity tool.

For the student, it is a marketing hook. It’s meant to stop the student in their

tracks and get them to pay attention. It addresses the problem they are facing and the solution you are offering.

The Big Idea will lay the foundation for your online course, and will help you

determine, not only how you can help the student in the most impactful way, but it will also help

you understand what kind of program to make and serve as your marketing tool as well.

Three important pieces you need to include in your Big Idea are:




You have to be super clear on your “offer”, which is WHAT you’re actually selling.

This is not the list of modules and titles of your training videos. Those are the features of

your program.

A big mistake is to create the product first, and then build their “offer” after.

The Big Idea starts at the end and is used to guide the entire creation. This is called "Backwards Design."

Resources, Activities and Platforms

We will also explore additional companion resources like, PDFs, templates, guides or journals. Some options that help your student practice the objectives is to provide with them one or more of the following:

  • Journal pages

  • Charts

  • Infographics

  • Activity Instructions

  • Worksheets

  • Times sheets

  • Reflections

  • Collections of Quotes

  • Library of supporting book titles

Platform for Delivery

I will help you choose the best platform for your course. This doesn't have to be difficult or frustrating. There are many options for delivering your online course from "Low-Tech" to LMS (Learning Management System) platforms. It will depend on your priorities, goals and budget as well as your own expertise in technology. One of the best courses I ever took was delivered by email straight to my inbox. I never had to worry about figuring out where it was or how to log in. As a course creator, however, it is informative to have the additional features of tracking a student's progress and interacting with them in the comments.

I would love to help you realize your dreams and take your business to the next level. If you are feeling uncertain about how to get start with a complete analysis of your student and establishing your end goal to guide your course, let's have a chat.

I work 1:1 with clients. You will have all my attention and guidance for a four-hour "Course Planning Workshop."

I will help you reduce the overwhelm, give you the confidence that everything is covered, jumpstart your online course and help you make quicker, more efficient progress. We will complete a comprehensive program blueprint and explore platform options.

I'd love to connect with you!

Sign up for my newsletter on my website homepage or book a free Discovery Call to explore your hopes and dreams.


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