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Not Enough

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

I needed more from my Therapist.

I landed in the office of a beautiful intuitive healer at a time when I was heartbroken, grieving the loss of a close family member. I needed tools to ease my body and my soul. Our in-person sessions gave me just that. Processing emotions, energy work, EFT Tapping broadened perspective, allowing brokenness and so much more.

I cannot imagine getting more support, feeling safe, learning new practices and resources to help me navigate this time. I looked forward to every session and left moving a little closer toward healing and wholeness. Our regular meetings were a gift.

Where are the support resources?

But one day, a shadow of anxiety engulfed me. It was too much to hold alone and so I attempted to see my therapist, but she was all booked up. I navigated to her website to see if she offered any workshops, online courses, videos but there was nothing. Of course I could have found help on Google, YouTube or Social Media, but I wanted help from someone I already trusted.

It wasn't that she wouldn't have wanted to provide more help for her clients, but the work, oh the work to make it happen! Writing scripts, planning, more meetings with her web designer, and the tech, oh the dreadful tech! It just wasn't worth the time and energy she would have to expend all by herself.

Online Courses for Coaches and Therapists

That day I saw a need, a gap in the coaching and therapy world. There was a need to offer a greater wealth of resources to clients and give more freedom to business owners. A bonus would be the growth of the business, a broader reach that went well beyond the local clients that could meet in person.

Although I had been a Course Creator and Teacher for over 20 years, I happened upon a gaping hole in my own hour of sorrow.

THIS…is what propelled me to become an Online Course Business Consultant.

I Can Help You

I am eager to help coaches and therapists create a broader reach, meet your clients’ needs and generate more flexibility and income for yourselves by creating and adding digital and printable resources for your clients to access at a the moment of their greatest need.

Please reach out to me if you are considering growing your business in a new, and powerful way.

I work 1:1 with clients. You will have all my attention and guidance for a four-hour "Course Planning Workshop."

I will help you reduce the overwhelm, give you the confidence that everything is covered, jumpstart your online course and help you make quicker, more efficient progress. We will complete a comprehensive program blueprint and explore platform options.

I'd love to connect with you!

Sign up for my newsletter on my website homepage or book a free Discovery Call to explore your hopes and dreams.



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