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A Student's "Zone of Transformation"

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

So you're ready to start creating your online course. You have your device, a box of colored pens, pencils, notes, not to mention your fantastic ideas!

YOUR CONTENT, that's the most important part, right? You are an expert in your field, You can't wait to impart your knowledge to the world.


You're focused on your own "Zone of Genius," instead of the students' "Zone of Transformation." Where do you want your student to end up as a result of your online course? What change will happen, what new knowledge will they learn? How will your student "feel" and move through the world, now that you've given them an experience that has solved their problem or road block?

Don't start mapping out, or organizing your online course until you've worked on your "Backwards Design," developing your end goal, knowing where you want your students to arrive and how you will know they've achieved success. As a teacher for over 20 years, I know that this is where all expert lessons the end. There's not a book, a lecture, an activity that is implemented on it's own without the guidance of the end outcome.


Once you know where your going, it's time to dive into your "student" a little deeper. You will likely be modifying your end goal once you examine your student and their needs. The following are questions you need to ask yourself to see how much knowledge you already have:

  1. What is you student struggling with? Why?

  2. What limitations does your student have in obtaining this goal?

  3. What false beliefs does your student have about the problem they are struggling with?

  4. What motivates your student to learn?

  5. What are your students' aspirations? How will your course help them realize their goals?

Understanding your student to this level is focusing on the "Zone of Transformation," rather than your "Zone of Genius." This ensures success in online course completion and true and complete metamorphosis.

If you are feeling uncertain about how to get start with a complete analysis of your student and establishing your end goal to guide your course, let's have a chat.

I work 1:1 with clients. You will have all my attention and guidance for a four-hour "Course Planning Workshop."

I will help you reduce the overwhelm, give you the confidence that everything is covered, jumpstart your online course and help you make quicker, more efficient progress. We will complete a comprehensive program blueprint and explore platform options.

I'd love to connect with you!

Sign up for my newsletter on my website homepage or book a free Discovery Call to explore your hopes and dreams.



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