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Cindy Weaver

Online Course Consultant





7127 hwy 72
Nederland, CO 80466


Who I Am

I will forever be a teacher, a learner and a creator.

This deep, internal identity has manifested itself in my decades in the classroom, teaching in the virtual environment and creating lessons and courses of all kinds.

My love for planning and organizing content continued to show up in my retreats, speaking engagements, as a published author and blogger.

This passion for teaching and writing evolved over 25 years into a thriving career. My teaching space metamorphosed into an experimental haven, where I intertwined music, dance, and tactile materials to elevate learning beyond state benchmarks.


 My grasp of the intricacies of technology allowed me to support fellow educators struggling with its complexities. Transitioning into technology leadership roles, I spearheaded teaching methodologies, fueling student engagement and the ability to differentiate instruction and embrace multiple learning modalities.

As my enthusiasm, increased I pursued a Master's in Information Learning Technologies, authoring diverse online courses and presentations.


As my classroom days waned, a new venture emerged. Immersed in business and marketing coaching programs, I founded Course Magic Designs. My offerings encompass personalized coaching, a transformative 6-week Course Planning Magic Cohort, and an evergreen program, Course Creation Express. My goal is to help life coaches and therapists grow their businesses with an online course without the stress or overwhelm.


I flourish as an educator, writer, speaker, retreat leader, and online course consultant, nurturing individuals to shape content and delivery for their distinctive products and events.

The Story that became a Mission

My 4 Pillars

Work Experience

1985- 2023



Classroom Teacher: With an extensive career as a classroom educator spanning multiple decades and diverse geographical settings, I have vast experience in planning and organizing numerous daily lessons as well as year-long curriculum maps. My role centered on managing large groups of students as well as small groups and individuals. My responsibilities included curating effective lessons to ensure student success complete with activities tailored to accommodate diverse learners. This entailed a comprehensive grasp of cultural nuances, disabilities, learning preferences, and modalities, all while delivering engaging and enriching educational experiences.

Virtual Teacher: 

Over the span of two years, I assumed the role of a virtual teacher, leading a complete classroom of students exclusively within a digital realm. My responsibilities encompassed crafting engaging lessons on virtual platforms, fostering independent student access to educational content. Through daily sessions, I conducted meetings with a large cohort, and facilitated smaller group interactions to provide additional guidance and support.


During this period, the unique educational format amplified concerns among parents unfamiliar with the new technologies and their children's struggles. Recognizing this, I transitioned into a multifaceted role as a life coach and steadfast support system for adults navigating this involuntary challenge. My dedication extended beyond the virtual classroom, offering guidance and reassurance to parents grappling with unforeseen challenges.

Online Course Consultant: These years marked the beginning of Course Magic Designs, my online course creation business. My mission became helping life coaches and therapists create courses for their businesses without increased stress and overwhelm.  My responsibilities have included building a methodology and system based on my teaching experience and my study with two coaches in the course and marketing industries. I meet with clients individually, weekly with my cohort and periodically with my evergreen program. I spend a large amount of my time engaging with potential clients and growing my audience. My number one goal for course creation is to keep the student as the guiding light during the duration of the course creation process..


Job Skills: My culminating job skills include content planning and organizing, life coaching, communication, creativity, cultural awareness and inclusion, time management, goal setting, leadership, problem solving, punctuality, writing across the curriculum, writing for communication, adaptability, AI technology tools, conflict resolution, group management, social and emotional intelligence, self-assessment, technology competence, full awareness of student needs within the instructional environment, champion for success

Interpersonal Skills:  It is my goal for every student to feel valued.

I transform abstract concepts into crystalline clarity, navigating complex ideas and distilling them into a concise direction.

I embrace flexibility and contribute to collaborative endeavors.

Listening with intent allows me to  understand the underlying sentiments and priorities of others.

I practice healthy boundaries in an effort to respect my own limits and those of others.

I value connections that are meaningful and collaborations that are impactful, marked by integrity and growth.

What these excellent worksheets have given me is clarity. I realized that I've never been taught how to teach. I'm looking at your 5 point star method and realizing how lucky I am to have signed up with someone who taught for a living. ~Abby

Professional Preparation

Goshen College

Goshen, IN

B.A. Education

University of Colorado Denver

Denver, CO

M.A. eLearning Design ILT

Course Paradise Clients Program

Cindy Molchany

Online Course Creation Business Training

Market and Monetize

Katie Dalebout

Online Marketing Training


Anna Bellissima

Private Client

AI School of Business

Monika Mileva


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